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Kelly McLarnon (Cover Artist for "Attack!") not only is this issue's Featured Artist, she was also honored by MetaCreations on their website <http://www.metacreations.com> to be their January 1999 Artist of the Month. Currently in high school at her home town of Ottawa, Canada, she takes a great interest in both art and computers. She has successfully combined both passions to start up her own web design company, Topaz Designs <http://www.topazdesigns.com/>. Email: <klm@topazdesigns.com>.



Noel Bebee ( Artist for "Frightful Night") has worked as a traditional artist in the past but is impressed by the idea of a "studio in a box," and recognizes the overlapping qualites of both old-school teaching and experience, and the new tools of the computer. "What I call the available texture of the computer (pixels), are reminiscent of the texture of canvas, an effect which I like and deliberately keep. This explanation is for those who find parts of the paintings (pixellization) sloppy or careless". You can see more of his work at the "Out of Line" Web site: <http://www.outofline.mb.ca/index.html>. Email: <outofnk@mts.net>

Ryan Bliss ( Artist for "And He Will Lead", "First Blood") has been making pictures with a PC since he got his first one in late 1994. Aldus Photostyler and Kai Power Tools came bundled free with his lightning-fast Compaq 486/66. That computer didn't have a modem, so he had no way of changing the lame wallpaper that came with Windows 3.1, other than doing it himself. Ryan is not a professional or trained artist. Everything you see on his Web site was self-taught. He spent many long hours making really bad images before he came up with anything remotely good. When Ryan was a kid he was fascinated by the awesome planetary vistas in Star Wars. Back in grade school, when he should have been listening to his teacher, epic space battles were joined via his box of 64 crayons. The pictures were like stories to him: First draw a cool planet to set the scene, and then add starfighters (X-Wings and TIE-Fighters mostly). Once the starfighters were in place, start coloring laser blasts and blowing up the ships with hard swirls of red and orange. Usually, his sound effects gave him away. Ryan is 27 years old now and lives in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A. He just graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.Sc. in Computer Science (his first degree was in English back in 1994). By day he is a mild-mannered Web developer at A.C.T., Inc. (makers of "The A.C.T. Exam"). His wonderfully beautiful girlfriend Jessie keeps him from sinking hopelessly into Geekdom. Email: <rbliss@digitalblasphemy.com>. Website: <http://www.digitalblasphemy.com>

Sam Crowe and Thomas Miller ( Artists for "Dead Man's Shift", "Jellyman", "That Takes The Cake", and "Oogies") both started doing computer art with Amiga 500s back in the 1980s. They are more interested in animation than anything else. When they work on a piece, they see all of the elements in motion first, and play the animation in their heads until they find a great place to take a still image or snapshot. They then use that idea for still illustrations. Both Sam and Thomas have been long-time followers of sci-fi and fantasy stories and artwork. Some of their greatest art influences are H.R. Giger, W.D. Barlowe, William Stout, and Brom. They were startled to find out how similar these artists' life styles and beginnings were to their own. Sam and Thomas were kicking around the idea of doing a Web site about four years ago; neither had the HTML knowledge, though, so they had to wait for some software to come around that would allow them to do that (it seems they are always waiting for technology to catch up to them). When the software finally came out, they made their page overnight (literally), as they had the ideas in their heads for years, so doing a Web site was simple. Now, six months later, they have more than 300 pages to their site. Their site has a comprehensive bio for both artists, if you would like to find out more, at <http://pages.preferred.com/~smdragon/aboutus.htm>. Right now, Sam and Thomas are focused on finding a career in the film/animation industry. They offer their talents to anyone who is seeking illustrations for book covers, posters, CD-ROMs, etc. They work fast and, most important, enjoy their work, so you can be sure that you will get a quality illustration. For more info, please visit their Liquid Digital Illustrations Web site: <http://pages.preferred.com/~smdragon>. Email: <liquid1@preferred.com>

Duncan Long ( Artist for "Turka's Tale" and "Sisters of Catherine") has created illustrations for nearly 50 of the technical books he's written, as well as some 40 articles in national magazines. He makes his living writing; in addition to the manuals he's written, Long has had 13 novels published by HarperCollins and Avon Books. "But my second love is creating fantasy and science fiction artwork," Long says. "The computer really frees the artist to create almost anything that can be imagined." And that's just what Long has been doing, with his fanciful illustrations appearing at a number of Web sites as well as on two covers for Space-Link Books. Long has also created illustrations for covers and stories in Millenium, Exodus, Tomorrow SF, Twisted Underground, and other magazines and e-zines -- including Planet Magazine. Email: <duncan@kansas.net>. Web site: <http://www.kansas.net/~duncan/Artpage/>

Lee Ward (Artist for "Carnival") is a computer programming student living in Georgia. This is his first published illustration. E-mail: <ldraw@aol.com> Home Page:<http://members.aol.com/ldraw/comic.htm>.

Breck Outland (Artist for "Pigg Whistle") is an artist living with his wife and 73 rusted antique monkey toys in Dallas, Texas. His work has spanned the spectrum of the art medium, including mechanical drafting for a firm that makes a variety of complex armatures for robotic Yetis, 3-D computer modeling for a popular children's pizza restaurant chain, custom mural painting, album art, and female body airbrushing (for which artists fees are rarely charged!). His art, which is often a unique combination of hand illustration and computer-rendered graphics, can be found on CD/album covers for recording artists such as Sleep Chamber, Puncture, and Solitude Aeturnus. As if this weren't enough, Outland dabbles in photography, the study of secret religions, and has written a contribution to the recently published book entitled, "Three Myths of Gods, Devils, and Beasts." Lately, Outland has applied his talents toward illustrating some short stories for long-time friend and writer, Robert Thorn. In his spare time, Breck scours flea markets in search of new metal monkeys (tin or iron) or sometimes, he paints his right forearm red and his left green just to see what will happen. Find out more at: www.retinaburn.com/breck.html (art), www.flash.net/~aplanet (art), and www.pentaradial.com (Three Myths book).

Nicola Stratford (Artist for "Time's Shadow") is a 41-year-old woman, born in England, raised in Canada, schooled in New Zealand, and a citizen of Australia for many years now. She was introduced to science fiction by her father in her early teens and always wanted to write stories. Her employment in professional life has been in advertising copywriting, marketing, academic research, desktop publishing, and, now, Inter- and intranet design, editorial, and production. Time (and possibly talent) never permitted literary expression, but she became involved with computers through work and found herself able to be creative graphically. When she encountered Adobe Photoshop, she "was infatuated" and, when Bryce and Bryce 3D from MetaCreations came along, "true love was mine". Most of her art is produced in Bryce 3D, but the frames for the art and the logo on her Web site are produced in Photoshop 5.0. She also uses Kai's PowerTools and EyeCandy filters. Her Worlds of Wonder website at http://www.blueball.com.au/wow/default.htm was built with FrontPage98. Her ultimate aim? To make a living from what she now does primarily for the love of it -- "create images that are at the least interesting and stimulating and, when all goes well, sometimes beautiful". The best of her work, she says, comes out of long, rambling conversations with her "very supportive life- partner; without his inspiring presence, I wouldn't be doing any of this". As well as working on the computer (although it feels more like play), Nicola is the President of The Get-Stuffed Club (http://www.blueball.com.au/getstuffed/default.htm), which consists of some 70 members who get together every six weeks or so to try new cuisines at Adelaide restaurants and rate them for the Internet. She loves the blues, jazz, classical music, and good, old-fashioned rock-and-roll and, when she can be dragged from the mouse and keyboard, she plays competition eight-ball. Email: <ncstrat@camtech.net.au>

Stefano Tartarotti ( Artist for "Holidays, Salad Days...", "More Real Than Real") is 30 years old and lives and works in Milano (Italy). He creates illustrations for magazines, books, and children books. Samples of his work can be seen at his Web site <http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/5548>. Email: <tartaro@tin.it>

James "Theo" Theopistos (Artist for "Earth-Bound Entities") works full time in the criminal justice field in the San Antonio area after graduating from the University of Texas with a B.A. 3-D artwork has become a full-time hobby for Theo within the past couple of years. His favorite software programs for graphics are Bryce 3d, Ray Dream, and even 3D Studio Max. He recently left his NEC 166 Mhz and began using an AMD K6 2, 350 Mhz computer which he built himself for his design projects. In the past few years Theo has done some comercial artwork, book cover art, and Web sites. He was also the featured cover artist for Planet Mag issue #17. His themes include, but are not limited to, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Religious art. Web sites: Aaria <http://www.world-net.net/users/theo/Aaria.htm> and Theo Art Illustrations <http://berean.org/theoart>. Email: <theo@world-net.net>





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