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Planet Magazine No. 31 - September 2001

* This issue is dedicated to Timothy Dykema *


Editorial & Letters
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Carnaby Street Station
by David Gill
Evil Djinn from the Thirteenth-Dimension
by Hathno Paige
by Justin R. Lawfer
Kandy: Everyone Wants Some
by John Devlin
by Tony Chandler
Soldiers of Misfortune
by Tim Dykema
Speedway to Hell
by Sven Kloepping
Uncharted Waters
by Julian Maven
Weird World: Bats of a Fur
by Marcelo Hipolito & Marcelo Machado



International Space Station
by Romeo Esparrago
No One's Future
by Richard Behrens
Shipment to Nowhere
by s.c. Virtes


To open a wormhole viewport directly to the Kolledge Quadrant, click HERE.

WARNING: Your computer screen must have an airtight seal and be able to
withstand pressures up to 1 million pounds P.S.I. (per square inch).