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Planet Magazine No. 34 -- June 2002

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Circle in the Sand
by David Crane
Conspicuous Consumption
by Gary Piserchio and Frank Tagader

by William Alan Rieser

A Man Searching
by Jeffrey L. Williams

Menky's Folly
by William Alan Rieser

The Net
by E.S. Strout

New York Minute
by Edward McKeown
Nighttime Terrors
by Justin R. Lawfer
Short Term
by Christopher Clagg
Sinews of War
by Mark Greener
Spacetime Flickers
by Fred D. White
Tall, Dark, and Gruesome
by Christian M. Chensvold
The Tomb in the Stars
by Eric S. Brown


by Jerry Johns
Now Departing
by Romeo Esparrago
Space Combat
by David Crane
by Hathno Paige

Inspirational Corner