About the Authors

Spencer Bagley ("Ducks, Herrings, and Paper Hats") lives in Utah and shares his house with a spiffy custom-built computer. He enjoys reading and writing silly science fiction, messing around with image-editing software, and playing computer games. But who doesn't?
E-mail: llyr@ufie.org

Christian R. Bonawandt ("Death by a Salesman
") lives on Long Island, has his head in the clouds, and writes fiction that goes everywhere, occasionally visiting Earth.
E-mail: worddude79@aol.com

Christopher Clagg ("Forever and Ever")
lives in central Florida and works in retail these days, having retired from University work. He and his wife Beatrix have three sons, Ryan, who is now married and a new father at 22, Evan who is now a teenager at 13, and Dylan aged 10, who is preparing for the jump to Middle school after next year. Interests and hobbies include reading, writing, painting, sculpting, playing guitar, and listening to jazz and electronic synthesized music. As well as losing the ocassional game of chess to the computer, just for fun. :)
E-mail: BeaAndChris@aol.com

Ray Dangel (Associate Editor and Staff Robot) seldom is seen at his desk. Most often he must be rousted out of the Planet restroom. When challenged, he replies, "Well, I was just resting, boss. Isn't that what restrooms are for? You dine in a dining room, right? So the sign on the door says 'Restroom' and that's what I do there. The fact that I do this quite often may be attributed to my desire to always be as fresh and energetic as possible so my work output won't suffer from fatigue. I've been considering asking for my own stall with a combination lock to avoid those occasions when I enter the restroom and discover all of the recharging stations occupied. How about it, Boss?" And he says those exact words every time.

Romeo Esparrago (Editorialius Hippocampus Ignoramus, "Devour") has a favorite color... Green. Because it's the color of money. Green with envy. Green to the gills. Like recruits. The color he gets when he's sick to his stomach. Like the Incredible Hulk. Like that tea. Like those fellas from Barsoom. Because it's the color of his blood which makes his skin turn that shade of. Because he's really J'onn J'onnz, Manhunter from Mars.
E-mail: romeo@planetmag.com

Brian C. Fadrosh ("The Staff of J'leyth") is a 30-year-old writer living in a very small town named Topton, Pennsylvania. His work has been published in Lost Worlds Magazine (one of his latest, which will be appearing in the summer issue) and the 1996 and 1999 Dan River Anthologies. Brian is married to the most wonderful woman he has ever known (who broke his heart nearly 13 years ago when he was young and silly and is the main reason he's decided to return to the state of his birth), and his wonderful step-son reminds him every day of his life why writing is so wonderful (he's five and already has started editing Brian's work) and is anxiously awaiting another son, who should be born some time at the end of September (he is the only person who could have gotten me to talk to someone's belly). Brian recently began working on his first serious attempt with a novel, and also trying his hand at an illustrated children's novel.
E-mail: b_fadrosh@yahoo.com

Greg Guerin ("Sweet-Pea") is 27 and lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where he is studying for a PhD in evolutionary biology. The main problem with this is that he can rarely remove his thoughts completely from science fiction and get on with it! Greg has been published several times previously on the Web, in Steelcaves and Aphelion.
E-mail: greg.guerin@adelaide.edu.au

Richard Larson ("Flames of Felidon") has been writing all his life, but has only been submitting stories for a little over a year. He has two short stories forthcoming in "The Storyteller", and his fantasy chapbook entitled "The Travelers" was published last year by Undaunted Press. For more information, see his Web site at http://www.sff.net/people/rlarson.
E-mail: Apollo89@email.msn.com

Justin R. Lawfer ("The Captive") is a student at Edgewood College in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on http://dragonlaugh.freeyellow.com, www.palaceofreason.com, www.pegasusonline.com, and www.Spacerat.co.uk. He is a fan of giant monster movies, Monty Python, and fantasy stories.
E-mail: jlawfer@hotmail.com

Michael Liska ("A Boquet of Demons for Diane") lives in New Brunswick, N.J., and is afraid of the dark. He has been published in a couple of places, and not published in others. He likes to think about buildings, and robots. He can be e-mailed at michaelrliii@prodigy.net, or called on the telephone if you know his number and the phone company has turned it back on.
E-mail: michaelrliii@prodigy.net

Ed Lynskey's ("Houdini's Locksmith") work has appeared in such online venues as Twilight Times, Quantum Muse, Dark Dungeon, Strange Horizons, Chiaroscuro, and Pulp and Dagger.
E-mail: e_lynskey@yahoo.com

Andrew G. McCann ("Editorial & Letters", "Interview With a Psychic Vampire", Editor),
like all personae, is based on a true story. Here are the few facts we’ve been able to confirm under the U.S. Freedom of Infotainment Act: Mr. McCann was raised by Jibba the Hut, twin sister of Jabba and former wife of The A-Team’s Mr. T, who, like her brother and her ex-husband, was a midget Sand Worm from Tatooine (or, in English, “Dune”). When young Master McCann grew older he joined the Rebels and later killed his step-uncle Jabba in an unintentional fist fight over some woman, or trinket, or something. Faced with the enormous, rotting carcass of his step-uncle, the possibility that his alleged crime would be discovered by the Tatooine Gendarmerie, and needing income after the Rebels dishonorably discharged him for surreptious editing of a free SF zine while supposedly on Royal guard duty, the now-Laird McCann (an honorific purchased via eBay that’s much cheaper than the exalted “then-Laird” title) opened the first Pizza Jabba-the-Hut, featuring his special “Jabbaroni” Topping and “Hut-Stuffed” Crust. This initial store soon grew into the wildly successful pizza chain known throughout the galaxy under slightly varying names, but all featuring the exact same ingredients.
E-mail: editor@planetmag.com

Hathno Paige (Whereabouts Unknown) is stockpiling raisins, which unbeknownst to most Humans (except Planet readers) are the advanced guard of the Planet Magazine-funded alien invasion force. He is also incrementally filling large vats in his basement with retail samples of Visine (as buying wholesale might invite federal scrutiny); once the raisins are dunked in Visine on Invasion Eve, they'll instantly expand and activate into life-sized bolo-troopers, who are pseudo-holographic troopers that fight with laser-guided bolos. Seemed like a good idea on a paper, by the way. Read more about the coming invasion of your world in the special October 31 "Your Earth is Our Earth" one-page issue of Planet Magazine. Now we will take a moment to remember all of our raisin comrades-in-arms who have given their lives to the ignorant Humans who consume raisins in any form -- may those evil bipeds drink Visine! And may our raisin brothers and sisters' sacrifice be long remembered in the Halls of Tork!
E-mail: HathnoPaige@hotmail.com

William Alan Rieser ("The Blue Cabukhy" and "The Needs of the Many"), born in New York City, less than 3 miles from the World Trade Center, originally was a musician and spent many years composing, conducting, teaching, and performing music on the East Coast. His earliest writing influences were Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Poul Anderson. He is now retired in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Sandra, who edits his writings and doesn't give him the slightest break on syntax or style, even though he expresses nought but loving thoughts to her. For several years he experimented with short stories for SF/F e-zines but now prefers to concentrate on more developed themes. In this last year, he published "The Kaska Trilogy" and "The Chronicles of Zusalem" via Writers Club Press, an organization associated with iUniverse and Barnes and Noble. His latest novel, "Luna Parabella", has received a rave review at Amazon.com. Many other novels have been completed and are awaiting publication, such as "Furnace" and "Luna Parabella". His articles, humorous and serious, are popping up everywhere, especially in his column at scifantastic. Currently, he is working on a mainstream novel and promises a mystery. He enjoys talking to writers, novice or professional, and encourages contact.
E-mail: wrieser@juno.com
Web site: http://rieserbooks.homestead.com/rieserbooks.html

Mark Stanley ("Power") is a forty-something avionics technician, former Marine, dedicated bachelor, border-line alcoholic, degenerate gambler, and unapologetic hack writer. His stories have graced the 'Net for three years now in various e-zines (including Planet Magazine), but have yet to find their way into print. He lives in South Florida.
E-mail: markthewriter@hotmail.com

Richard Stevenson ("Approach With Caution") teaches English in southern Alberta and has published thirteen collections of poetry. His most recent is a collection of African senryu, haiku, and tanka, "Hot Flashes" (Ekstasis Editions, 2001 ); his second most recent, "Live Evil: A Homage to Miles Davis" (thistledown Press, 2000 ).
Web site: http://www.pi-flora.com/pi/write/rs/default.htm
E-mail: richard@pi-flora.com

Nick Trejo ("Flyers") is the author of many future best sellers. He lives in Beulah, Colorado, with his wife Viki and daughter Michelle. He began writing when it became apparent he was not going to be Paul Stanley of Kiss or even Mark St. John for that matter. Nick played in Heavy Metal bands in his teens and early twenties and was searching for a creative outlet when music changed… or was it that he get old? He still dabbles in music occasionally, helping out his old band (Wicked Wayz) with gigs and making sure there is no extra beer when he's around. While making several feeble attempts at writing in the past, Mark did not buckle down till 2001 when he finally began a regular routine of writing… but he hopes his writing is not routine. Flyers is the first story he wrote. His past writing has been music and concert reviews for a now-defunct weekly paper in Pueblo, Colorado, but he has a music review in the September issue of "Cemetery Dance" magazine. For the future Mark is solely focused on writing fiction and finds it extremely rewarding and frustrating. He hopes you enjoy Flyers as well as future works of his.
E-mail: Nick.Trejo@target.com

Raymond Towers ("The Streaks in the Sky") is the pen name for Ramon Torres. Aged 32, he is of Mexican-American descent, happily married, and the proud father of four wonderful children. Previous credits include several dark poems posted on the now defunct Tapestry Magazine, and several short stories on Anothereal.com.
E-mail: monstertako@aol.com
Web site: http://www.geocities.com/monstertako/Dark-Expressions.html

[Story deleted at author's request] ("Poetry")

Thomas Wagner (Associate Editor)
is inventor of THE ORIGINAL web-ready, vibrating fondue fork. FDA approval expected in 2005, just in time for the much-predicted fondue rennaisance. Invest now before it's too late.

Nancy Wilcox ("Interstellar War") was born in the oilfields of West Texas. She spent a couple of years in the Women's Army Corps, and it seems like the rest of her life raising a couple of exceptionally gifted sons. As a reader of SF, she cut her teeth on Heinlein and Asimov. In her twenties she fell in love with Panshin and Zelazny and Douglas Adams. Now she's enamored of Glen Cook and Terry Pratchett. She gets older, but Science Fiction just gets better.
E-mail: nancywilcox@hotmail.com

Mark Yohalem ("Angels at Penumbra") is enrolled to begin law school at Harvard next year and meanwhile is desperately trying to entrench what creativity he has left. He has published in print in The Stonefence Review and Write! Magazine, and online at This Way Up!, Dark Dungeon, and Fiction Inferno.

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