Planet Magazine # 4

Wild SF, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Poetry - Online! December 1994 Volume 1.4 FREE!

Includes art & poetry not featured on the text, PDF, or DOCMaker versions of this issue!

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Inside this Pulitzre-Prize* Winning Zine:

Fiction by:

Poetry by:

Humor by:

* The Pulitzre-Prize is self-awarded annually to the best on-line publication named Planet Magazine. It was created in honor of Pulitzre the Goateed, the former Overdrol of the Planet Angts and occasional writer of what he called "ligth veres."

Planet Magazine as a whole is copyright ©1994-1998 by Andrew G. McCann. Individual stories, poems, and artwork are copyright their respective authors or creators. Planet Magazine is an award-winning free electronic quarterly of short science fiction, fantasy, horror, poetry, and humor written by new or little-known writers. Online and in color worldwide since January 1994.

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