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Martin Burwell ("Quicksilver") is essentially a working musician/music director. He is also a poet, who has been published in literary magazines around the country, and a visual artist represented in several galleries and private collections.

Romeo "Rome Dome" Esparrago ("I Am Alarena the Aswang", "Zenophobe", various art, web convertor) lives in Sacramento, California and has played miniature golf with Konen the Barbarian and Biedermeier X. Leeuewenhoek. If you'd like to send greetings, get on the Internet Highway, and exit at public@romedome.com to get to the suburb known as http://www.romedome.com.

Jeff Gilbert ("Two Werewolves") lives in Seattle and is regionally known for borrowing beer change. Some of the more famous people he's hit up for drinking funds include Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Candlebox, and assorted members of Pearl Jam. He is also the West Coast Editor for Guitar World magazine. When he's sober, that is.

Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek ("The Meaning of Lost Socks") is former Chairman of Self-Nuking Projects Inc. of Ohio. He is wanted by the Venusian Overlords (never you mind why).

Andrew G. McCann ("Astrobeast", miscellaneous illustrations) is a writer and editor in New York City. (editor@planetmag.com) (http://www.planetmag.com)

Mark Monlux ("Don, Death & Virtue") is a freelance computer illustrator living in Tacoma, Washington. A perpetually happy and optimistic morning person, he occassionally writes stories from his life that take on mythic proportions and also makes an odd stab at horror. He can be reached by email at mmonlux@aol.com, or just MMonlux for AOL subscribers. *





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