About The Authors


Warren Blair ("The Milkman") is a published poet, essayist, and short story writer on Long Island (New York).

John Donald Carlucci ("Warm Water") is a writer and painter.

Wayne Deeker ("Dead K's") lives in Canberra, Australia, with his fiance, Kara-Mikal Burrowes, who is an American poet, and three tanks of fish and Ozzie-cat.

Romeo Esparrago (cover art; "Dindo the Dawendi", web converter, miscellaneous art, "Mudball") resides in the capital of California, fighting horizontal rain, extreme heat, and concrete-thick fog all at the same time. And yes, he graduated from Fremont High School, Class of '82, with Teri Hatcher. For more about Dindo and other Filipino tales by Romeo, visit <http://www.romedome.com/gingong> <public@romedome.com>

Doug Houston (Assistant Editor) lives in New York City.

Biedermeir X. Leeuwenhoek (Technical Guru), who was recently discharged from the Elven Rest Home at Tooklithium, has opened Ye Olde Apple Newton Supply Shoppe at Moria Mall (Balrog Level) in Eregion, Eriador.

Andrew G. McCann (Editor, Publisher, various art, "Solar Station") is a writer and editor in New York City. <http://www.planetmag.com> <editor@planetmag.com>

Margaret McCann ("After Bob") is a painter in New England.

Paul Semel ("Fitting") recently got a buzz cut and a ring is his eyebrow because he's hoping to look "more dangerous." It's not working. But while he waits, he'll continue being the reviews editor of "huH," and a frequent contributor to "Wired," "Bikini," "Ray Gun," and a bunch of lit mags.

Ron Tedeschi (Illustration, "The Milkman") lives on Long Island, New York, and likes to experiment with the drawing programs in his wife's computer. When the Moon is right, chemistry happens.


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