by Jason Clark


Ameobin Dervin flowed lightly through the thick syrupy liquid that was his home. He navigated stealthily between the fibrous green strands that comprised his people's hunting grounds. Ameobin was on his first hunt, the glorious hunt!

Hiding behind a clump of the fiber, Ameobin spotted his prey, a small black glob munching harmlessly on another strand. The thing had raised, green spots coating it and was around half Ameobin's size. Although it knew of the hunter's presence, it paid Ameobin no heed, merely continuing its feast.

Pushing off of the strand, Ameobin floated toward his prey. With some effort he forced out an appendage from his outer membrane. His prey was facing away and did not sense Ameobin's approach until it was too late. As the prey turned to face the predator, Ameobin's membrane flowed over the little glob, engulfing it. In a moment the glob was gone without a trace and Ameobin was content to lie in wait for his hunger to rise again.

Joe Davis looked up from his microscope. Oh, how he loved watching all the little micro-organisms feed. He leaned back in his chair and glanced up at the clock. He was late for class! Rushing around the room to get ready, he pressed a button on the microscope labeled "TRANSFER TO CHIP." Depressing the button, Joe sent Ameobin and all his world into stasis. Time stopped for those in stasis, and Ameobin would continue his existence when Joe turned on that chip again. Joe pulled the chip out of the microscope and tossed it into a plastic container. On the side was written, "Amoebae 197." Joe left the room, turning off the light as he went.

Xeron Lifzer looked up from his positronic visual enhancer and smiled as best his scaled face would allow. How he loved watching all the little aliens rush about, doing whatever it was that those low life-forms did with their minuscule lives. Looking at his timepiece, Xeron realized he was late for a lecture on the multiple uses of tetrion compositions in high-gravity fields. His third tentacle whipped out and depressed a panel on the enhancer. Joe and all his universe was turned into data on a disk. Xeron pulled the disk out of its slot and set it neatly in its container. Written on the side was, "Universe 156." *


Story copyright © 1995 Jason Clark


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