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Warren Blair ("Executive Motivation"), author of "The Milkman" (see Planet #5), is a published poet and short story writer residing on Long Island in New York. His old email was KeyedUp@eworld.com.


Jason Clark ("The Novel") Jason Clark is a high school senior at Santiam Christian High. He is currently working on a first draft of a fantasy novel. <JDaystrom@aol.com>


Romeo Esparrago (cover art, various illustrations, web design) had a Web Page URL that was one of the longest in the world (a favourite topic in college bars around the country!). It was http://www.amug.org/amug/sigs/newton/nanug/BioPages/RomeoE/RomeHome.html but it's now simply just <http://www.romedome.com> <public@romedome.com>.

Kevin McAuley ("Detaching") is a writer in Brooklyn, N.Y. <unwired>


Andrew G. McCann ("Sidetracked," various illustrations) is a writer and editor in New York City. <http://www.planetmag.com> <andy@planetmag.com>


Brad Stone ("The Time Burglar") is a writer based in New York City. His story "The Time Madam" was previously featured in Planet Magazine Issue #6. <BStone@panix.com>


Ron Tedeschi (artist for "Executive Motivation") lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife and their Mac LCIII. When he is not spinning his rotors or milk bottles, he likes to be The Illustration Man. His old email was KeyedUp@eworld.com.


Jeff Turner ("Bogeyman") lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is about to become a sophomore at Chaparral High School in Las Vegas. Write to him with any feedback at <MasterEFX@aol.com>.


David Hunter Sutherland ("A Monody on Mars") is currently lead editor for "Recursive Angel," which looks for and pays a modest fee for high-quality prose/poetry. RA can be found on Yahoo, Galaxy, and a number of other search engines. David's poems have been published in a number of magazines, anthologies, and books over the years. <0003468441@mcimail.com>


s.c. virtes ("The Sign") has had over 200 poems, stories, and illustrations published in small presses since 1986. He is currently a software engineer at Komodoware, working on bizarre SF arcade games for Windows. <ScV2@aol.com>



Krazy Kloud says, "We am fine." Which is a way of saying, THE END *


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