by Paul Semel


when we see each other on the street
  staring through the rush of holiday shoppers
            and people late from lunch
will it be like those scenes in the movies
  the man and the woman in a field
  running in slow motion through wheat taller than we
  though still able to see despite the wheat
  we run into each others arms as the music swells
  and we hug then kiss and continue kissing
  while the camera spins endless around us
  until I finally set you down
  and the music fades a bit
  and the soft fuzzy edges
  sharpen a bit to reveal
  we're still on the street
  pushed and shoved by shoppers and those late from work
  who won't feel our magic
      wont see the fuzzy edges
        or the wheat in our hair
        or even
           that we're not kissing
                        at all


Poem copyright © 1995-1996 by Paul Semel <>


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