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Planet Magazine: "ASCII, and Ye Shall Receivey"


Larry Calvert ("But It's a Dry Heat") is a writer. <calvert_l@hosp.stanford.edu>


Joy Campbell and Ben Stivers ("Seventh Seal") have been writing together for just over a year and have written about two dozen science fiction and horror short stories. They have completed two novels, which have been submitted to publishers, and are working on two new novels. <krenath@pop.mont.mindspring.com>


Wayne "Woody" Deeker ("Enclosed Possibilities"), 27, lives in Canberra, Australia, with his American wife, poet Kara-Mikal Burrowes. He works simulataneously at all the jobs he's ever had: freelance science writer, university tutor, scientific technician, and taxi driver. <wdeeker@artemis.cbr.dwe.csiro.au>


Romeo Esparrago (web design, cover art, various artwork) has the following Web Domain to check out after having a plate of rice with Vienna sausages for dinner: <http://www.romedome.com> <public@romedome.com>


Andrew G. McCann ("Survivors," various artwork) is a writer and editor who roams the 14 Vetted Galaxies astride an Impermium comet as a Messenger of Those Who Endure. He blushes easily (due to food allergies). The Planet Magazine Web page is at <http://www.planetmag.com> <andy@planetmag.com>


L. Norton ("Because We Were Rich") is a writer in New York City. <Unwired>


Frederick Rustam ("Radio Silence") is a retired civil servant. He spent thirty years indexing technical reports for the Department of Defense. It shows. <frustam@CapAccess.org>


Paul Semel ("Love Scene") was once told that he reads too much. He thinks he watches too much TV. During the day hes an editor at "huH" magazine, and a contributor to "Ray Gun," "Bikini," "Wired," and HotWired. <beerhound@aol.com>


Steven Thorn ("Mirrors and Slivers") is a writer in Australia. <thorn@macconn.mpx.com.au>


Ray Villarosa (illustration for "Mirrors & Slivers") is an artist. <rvillarosa@aol.com>


s.c. virtes ("The Night Unbending") has had over 200 poems, stories, and illustrations published in small presses since 1986. He is currently a software engineer at Komodoware, working on bizarre SF arcade games for Windows. <ScV2@aol.com>



"This year, take your vacation in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Prince."


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