Maxfield Chandler ("ode to a gargoyle"), raised in Montreal and New York City, and now living in Seattle, is a student of many sciences and crafts. Mister Chandler now experiments in many arenas, poetry being one of the more successful. <netropic@speakeasy.org>


Romeo Esparrago (Planet Mag web designer, cover art, various illustrations) is really so bummed that eWorld is going away & that he will have to update his webpages by getting rid of his romedome@eworld.com email address that he is going to protest by...ummm...well, he'll figure something out by next ish. Visit his Planet Mag Art Page at <http://www.romedome.com/art/planetmag> <public@romedome.com>


Bart G. Farkas ("The Talking Stick"), from his Igloo in Calgary, Canada, has been writing in the computer industry for the past four years. Formerly a registered nurse but now a full-time writer, Bart is managing editor of "Inside Mac Games" magazine, associate editor of "MacSense" magazine, and associate editor of "PC Sense." Bart is the proud father of two cats and two books, "The Macintosh Bible Guide to Games" (Peachpit Press/Addison Wesely) and "The Wing Commander IV Strategy Guide" (Prima). <MacSenseGE@aol.com>


John Gerner ("'Bot Man") is a self-employed consultant and writer, who does planning studies for new theme parks. You can find more of his creative stuff at <http://www.infi.net/~jgerner>. <jgerner@aol.com>


Kevin Greggain (artist for "Buried Evil") is an artist.


Jon Hansen ("Choice") is a native of Athens, Georgia. He developed a love of books at an early age, and a love of fantasy, science fiction, and all things impossible soon after. While harboring a secret desire to become a writer, he earned a B.Sc. in English and a Master's in instructional technology from the University of Georgia. Jon attends Indiana University, finishing a Master's in library and information science. He's open to job offers. Jon has had a story accepted by "MZB's Fantasy Magazine," for the Summer issue. He is married to Lisa and has been adopted by three cats. <jmhansen@nickel.ucs.indiana.edu>


Paul Landry ("Buried Evil") was born April 27, 1966, in Toronto, Canada. His parents took him to the drive-in to see a horror movie, which he can still see vididly in his mind. Then he found Stephen King's world, read "Carrie," saw the movie, and has never been the same since. He would play sick to stay home from school to write. He read every horror book, comic, anything scary, he could get his hands on. Saw any horror movie that came out; the scariest was "The Changeling." Scared the hell into him. He only took up writing seriously a year ago, whereas before it was a hobby. But his hunger to share it with others has grown. He loves horror! And his goal is to be the Canadian Stephen King. <reaper1@idirect.com>


Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek ("Milken's Cat") lives between the parallel lines that divide this world from the bottomless maw of the "other," where rents are also surprisingly high. <biedermeierx@leeuwenhoek.com>


Andrew G. McCann ("To Escape", various illustrations and writings) is a writer and editor in New York City. He enjoys writing SF, humor, and articles about the Macintosh, among other pursuits. <http://www.planetmag.com> <andy@planetmag.com>


Erika V. Queen ("The Ice Princess") is a 29-year-old professional writer born and still residing in Northglenn, Colorado. She has written several fantasy novels, including "To Save A Dragon," "The Dragonskeeper," and "Lore," and epic fantasy for young teens. The poem "The Ice Princess" was taken from another project currently in the works of the same title. "The Ice Princess" promises to be one of the year's best fantasy novels for both young adults and adults alike. Ms. Queen can be reached via e-mail at <queenerikav@yahoo.com>.


Spider Robinson ("His Own Petard") will be teaching with his wife and collaborator Jeanne at the 1996 Clarion Science Fiction Writing Workshop at Michigan State University. <unlisted>


Frederick Rustam ("Idols in Their Heart") is a retired civil servant, who indexed technical reports for the Department of Defense. He now writes SF short stories for the e-zines of the Web. He lives in Washington, D.C. <frustam@capaccess.org>


Tim Scannell ("SF: Def.") was born in Chicago, IL, and is now building a home hard against the boundary of Olympic National Park, WA. He has 150 credits in 87 periodicals, plus five chapbooks, most recently SWIFT NETTLE, TEN-POUND SLEDGE. <scannell@daka.com>


Steven L. Schiff ("UFO") lives and writes in Baltimore, Maryland. Steve is the Co-founder/Creative Director of Century Marketing, an advertising/public relations firm specializing in creative campaigns and WEB site development. His other SF publications include short stories in 'Radius' and 'Zone 9.' Steve can be reached at <70530.3063@compuserve.com>




Why does chopping onions always have to be so sad?


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